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The Latest McCartney News

(7-12-99)Paul releases a single from his new album! On July 7 Paul released 'I Got Stung,' a single promoting the upcoming album to be released sometime in October. It is a remake of on originally done by Elvis, and Paul sounds just as good as ever, reminescent of 'I'm Down.' This song is a must-listen-to, you can catch it over on Macca-Central, don't miss this one, Paul sounds so good and it's a great song!

(6-20-99)CBS TV Mini-Series Television company CBS, along with Mandalay Films and Lion's Gate TV, are planning to air a made-for-tv four-hour miniseries about Paul McCartney's late wife, Linda. The miniseries will be produced in conjunction with Danny Field's book, "Linda: The Life and Times of Linda McCartney," which is due to be released sometime in the fall. Fields was 'alledgedly' a friend of the McCartney family. Paul is reportedly unhappy about all this. A McCartney source said, "Paul accepts that this sort of thing happens, but he is saddened by it. What man would want to see the memory of his beloved wife cheapened like this? Let's just say Paul won't be watching. And if the film gets anything badly wrong, they can be sure Paul will not remain silent." Many of Paul's fans are deadly against this production, and letters of protest and a petition are in the works. It seems that the producers of this miniseries do not care at all about who they may hurt, but only see the money involved.

(5-23-99)Paul's new album to be released in July! Although still untitled, Paul's jam session with Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour is slated for release by EMI/Capitol in July. The album is fifties rock covers, with two new songs and 17 covers of artists Carl Perkins, Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller, and Gene Vincent. The recordings took place in March at Abbey Road studios. Paul also plans to release a classical album through Capitol sometime this fall.

(4-10-99)Here, There, and Everywhere Linda Tribute Concert The Here, There, and Everywhere concert dedicated to the memory of Linda took place at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Saturday. Paul appeared on stage at the end of the show, expressing his thanks to the thousands of people who sent letters after Linda's death. He was overcome with emotion as he referred to Linda, saying, "She's with us, she's loving it." He sang a song called Lonesome Town with Elvis Costello, then All My Loving, and finally Let It Be with Tom Jones, George Michael, Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders, and more. Paul had originally planned not to attend, but after receiving tons of mail from his fans, changed his mind. He dedicated the songs to Linda and his children, "my beautiful baby and our beautiful children who are here tonight" (Thanks to JaneReynolds75!) For concert reviews, go to Macca Central.

(4-4-99)Paul is a grandfather!! McCartney has become a first-time grandfather after his daughter Mary gave birth to a seven-pound boy in a West London hospital, according to unconfirmed reports. Congratulations, Paul!!

(4-4-99)"Yesterday" named song of the century! The Beatles' "Yesterday" has been voted the top song of the twentieth century in a poll taken by the BBC, which focuses of the songs themselves, rather than the artists who wrote and performed them. The 1965 ballad by Lennon/McCartney is the most covered song of all time with more than 2000 versions.

(3-29-99)BOTR loses its #1 spot Band On the Run ended its week-long stay at #1, and is now at the #2 spot on the Billboard charts, behind Metallica.

(3-27-99)Paul to perform in millenium concert Although reports from the BBC are unfounded, Britain's Mirror Online reported that Paul has agreed to take top billing at a millenium concert on New Year's Eve in Greenwich Park, England. Other performers have yet to be announced, and an insider was quoted as saying "Only a few people know about Sir Paul's involvement." In an interview a while back, Paul said he didn't know if he would be able to ever perform again without Linda by his side.


Paul McCartney's Band On the Run is #1 again - 25 years after it first topped the charts. The just-released Capitol Records silver Anniversary edition of the Wings classic album has gone straight to #1 and will appear in that spot on next week's Billboard Album Catalogue Chart.

The new. limited-edition of the album, which contains a bonus CD featuring 21 never-before-released tracks of outtakes, live takes, and interviews with the band and the artists featured on the album cover, instantly ended the 21-week run of Metallica.

Paul has dedicated the 25th anniversary edition of BOTR to "my beautiful Linda and her indomitable spirit."

Roy Lott, President of Capitol Records, commented, "This is a singing endorsement of the timelessness and brilliance of Paul McCartney and Band On The Run. We're proud to be part of this groundbreaking re-release, and to have this happen the week that Paul was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is one of the most exciting moments in Capitol Records' history."

The remastered re-issue has also won instant critical praise. Billboard wrote, "Band on the Run is one of the most enduring pieces of work in the rock era. It represents McCartney's songwriting and recording craft at its finest, in a well-deserved return to the spotlight." The New York Post wrote, "The album has stood the test of time and remains one of the classic albums that emerged out of the post-Beatles 70's." (thanks to

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