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"I'm a dreamer still - not in politics, you've got to be very political there. But you've got to be a dreamer to write songs, you've got to be a dreamer to imagine that the world could be a good planet and not an irradiated sphere of noxious waste." - Paul McCartney, from the New World Tour

Cool McCartney sites on the web

MPL's Paul McCartney page: Paul's own site - has tons of neat stuff, including sound bites for each of his songs and a 12-minute Oobu Joobu segment
Off the Web - the Unofficial Paul McCartney site: One of the biggest and coolest sites on the web
Macca-L: The McCartney mailing list - this site is the all-around best! While you're there check out the FAQ
The Linda Mac-L: You have to see this site, whether you're just looking for veggie recipies, or Linda's work in Wings, this is a great site!
Linda McCartney's Wide Prairie: A club on Yahoo that is dedicated to Linda by MPL. Has message boards, a chat room, and other stuff - my fave
PLUGGED: An unofficial McCartney site - I like the videos section. This page recently won the award for Laxton's Superb McCartney site - check it out!
MACCA Central: Everything (almost) that you could want to know about Paul

Paul and Linda's Causes

P.E.T.A: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - targets animal abuse in labs, fur and meat trades, and entertainment. It has elready exposed and put an end to several labs which did tests on animals
Greenpeace: Environmental activists
Friends of the Earth: Helping the environment and ecology
LIPA: Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts - founded by Paul

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Really Neat Stuff

Calico Soldier By far the best picture page of Paul on the net. Has tons of great photos - if there's one site to check out, it's this one
Paul McCartney's guitars: This site rocks! This lovely page is a definitive collection of the guitars and basses Paul has used over the years, including his Hofner, and the Ric 4001. This is the place to go for Paul's guitars!
J unior's Farm: Pictures and other things
Jori e Gracen's Paul McCartney Photos: Photos of Paul taken professionaly - in concert, backstage, in person
JaneP's Paul McCartney page: Tons of Macca and Beatles pics
Roel's theme page: Has many cool desktop themes of Macca's solo albums
PETA's loving tribute to Linda and her campaign for animal right and vegetarianism.

The Beatles

Delphine's Beatles and McCartney PageFellow Beatles and Macca lover Delphine's great site - has many neat pics and lyrics - check it out