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I just re-did my entire site, so if you want to take a look at it (and you should cause it's cool) then click here. It also has pics from my recent trip to London.

Here's my dad's cat, her name's Annie, but we call her booger annie because she has a dark brown spot right next to her nose... she's really cute! This is a terrible pic but it's just so funny-looking that I had to put it on here...


Please check out this page, it was one of our jazz band's performances (I play trumpet) and it was really a lot of fun, so I guess if you got this far then why not keep going and take a look?

Coming Soon...

- Video pics from my favorite jazz concert this year, 
'Good Road II' with Ken Luker and Gary Killings

- Some of my favorite all-around pics, including 
rockers like Hendrix, Clapton, and of course, McCartney

- Watch my home page, Widescreen Radio, for new 
additions almost daily, and new guitar and bass tabs

- A new veggie section on Widescreen Radio, 

Here is one of my favorite places to go on the net, and it's gotten me in a lot of trouble :) Just type 'McCartney' in the search box, and you're in business, but be careful, it's addicting!

eBay Home

Widescreen Radio: My tribute to Sir Paul McCartney